Browns $tateside Beverages! 

It has been said "In addition to basic needs, beverages form a part of the culture of human society...."

......And Browns $tateside is all about culture; with our growing programme of events, commitment to healthy social environment, why would we not want to bring an extensive array of drinks to our menu?

From quality Teas & Coffees, through a wide range of cocktails, and on to a vibrant Cocktail, Wines, Beers, and Spirits menu you are sure to find exactly the right thing to suit your taste.

Browns $tateside Specialist Cocktails!

How do you find the perfect Cocktail to accompany the perfect, relaxed environment,

and the perfect meal? 

In true keeping with our standards we went to great lengths to source the very finest, from the market leading experts, to bring you the very best


Vibrant, refreshing, consistent in quality from one glass to the next!  With Funkin we bring you a Cocktail which is guaranteed to finish your day in style. 

Made from the purest of ingredients and designed to please!

And the rest!

Still with a commitment to quality, strong names in Wines, good variety in Ciders and Real Ales, and Trusted Brands for Spirits.

For any occasion, whether celebrating or just relaxing, we have no doubt we an match your choice and please your taste!